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Absolute Aromas - Lavender Oil 10ml

Lavandin, Super Country of Origin: France Botanical Name: Lavandula Hybrida Lavandin is a hybrid of..

£5.50 Ex Tax: £4.58

Absolute Aromas - Lemon Oil 10ml

Absolute Aromas-Lemon Oil (10ml)This tangy oil has a clearing effect which makes it particularly use..

£4.40 Ex Tax: £3.67

Absolute Aromas - Lemongrass Oil 10ml

Absolute Aromas-Lemongrass Oil (10ml)Lemongrass can be very refreshing and relaxing and is commonly ..

£4.96 Ex Tax: £4.13

Absolute Aromas - Marjoram Sweet Oil 10ml

Absolute Aromas-Marjoram Sweet Oil (10ml)Sweet Marjoram has a sweet herbaceous aroma. It is a relaxi..

£7.02 Ex Tax: £5.85

Absolute Aromas - May Chang Oil 10ml

Absolute Aromas-May Chang Oil (10ml)A wonderful citrus aroma which uplifts, cleanses and tones. May ..

£4.44 Ex Tax: £3.70

Absolute Aromas - Myrrh Oil 10ml

Absolute Aromas-Myrrh Oil (10ml)Myrrh is distilled from a resin which has been used since antiquity...

£14.90 Ex Tax: £12.42

Absolute Aromas - Neroli 5% Oil 10ml

Absolute Aromas-Neroli 5% Oil (10ml)Neroli 5% in light coconut oil has a subtle, sweet-floral aroma ..

£7.27 Ex Tax: £6.06

Absolute Aromas - Orange Sweet Oil 10ml

Absolute Aromas-Orange Sweet Oil (10ml)Sweet Orange has a wonderful warm, citrus aroma, to uplift an..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Absolute Aromas - Organic HA Lavender Oil 10ml

ABSOLUTE AROMAS Organic Lavender (High Altitude) 10ml Lavender is the most widely used essential oi..

£10.61 Ex Tax: £8.84

Absolute Aromas - Patchouli Oil 10ml

ABSOLUTE AROMAS Patchouli 10ml Patchouli is an earthy-sweet, musky and soothing aroma good for rela..

£4.75 Ex Tax: £3.96

Absolute Aromas - Pepper Black 10ml

Black Pepper is a warm, fresh-spicy aroma and is clear in colour. A stimulating and warming oil for ..

£7.32 Ex Tax: £6.10

Absolute Aromas - Peppermint English Oil 10ml

ABSOLUTE AROMAS Peppermint (English) 10ml Peppermint has a light, refreshing and a clear minty arom..

£5.26 Ex Tax: £4.38

Absolute Aromas - Relaxation Blend Oil 10ml

ABSOLUTE AROMAS Essential Blends Relaxation (Boxed) 10ml Relaxation is a natural alternative to help..

£5.56 Ex Tax: £4.63

Absolute Aromas - Relaxation Natural Room Spray 30ml

Try this wonderful aroma to create a tranquil haven, fragrance your surroundings naturally with this..

£5.04 Ex Tax: £4.20

Absolute Aromas - Rose Absolute 5% Dilution Oil 10ml

ABSOLUTE AROMAS Rose Absolute 5% 10ml The Rose Absolute used in this product is 100% pure and natur..

£5.95 Ex Tax: £4.96