About Us

Health Stores Direct offers you a wide range of health related products direct from our warehouse saving your household on vitamin, supplements, healthy drinks and snacks. We also have an excellent range personal-care and beauty products.

Buying Health products can be confusing, so we try to include some basic info to help get in contact if you want a specific area explained.

Our site is built so you can order on the go through smart phone, tablet or laptop to fit in with tight schedules.

Our Info Blogs not only include articles on the latest health related issues and products but also helps unravel the mysterious world of essential oils and soaps given the enormous range of natural products available . Our guides match the condition you are looking to remedy with the products on our site together with practical advice and fast delivery it couldn’t be easier.

"Free From" is now becoming a significant part of every day shopping. We have dedicated our site to offer specific organic products including food supplements and freshen up items. With gluten-free being an increasing part of the family requirements we have collected together products for you to choose from into one category for simplicity.

The products we offer are tried and tested. Some may not be familiar to you from supermarket shelves but they are high quality and low price to give you the best possible value. That's what the Health Stores Direct site was built for.

We offer you on a regular basis special offers with closely monitored delivery costs to keep in touch with these you may well like to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Try the Condition Match Search below: Simply type in your condition e.g. Acne and search. The info Blog will be found for that condition, within the blog is a table that matches suitable products we offer, click to be taken to the pre-made search and choose you product. It makes getting healthy simple without having to search online for hours. Be an expert in minutes!    Test it now....