Sanchi Agar Agar Flakes 15g

Sanchi Agar Agar Flakes 15g
Sanchi Agar Agar Flakes 15g: Kanten, commonly called "Agar Agar" in the West, is a vegetarian alternative to gelatine made from seaweeds. A traditional Japanese product, it has been made in the same way for several centuries at the coldest time of the year. Sanchi Agar Agar is made from eight different varieties of a red seaweed called "tengusa" (grass from Heaven). Agar Agar contains no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours and is free of MSG, nuts, soya and dairy. It is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs and those on a lactose free diet. It is often used as a diet food in Japan, effective in dissolving cholesterol and although it contains no fat or calories it is rich in calcium and iron. As Agar Agar passes through the stomach and bowels, it removes old residues and cleans the intestines. Agar Agar can be used in any recipe which requires gelatine, and it is particularly useful when making fruit jellies with kiwi, pineapple or papaya as when using conventional gelatine, these fruits break down the protein in the gelatine and prevent it from setting. Use Agar Agar to make sweets, candies, jelly, custard, mousse, flan, cold pie or soup. To use Sanchi Agar Agar, dilute two tablespoons of flakes in 3 cups of water, fruit juice, or seasoned stock; cook for five minutes. Add fruits or vegetables, pour into a mould and refrigerate until set. Sanchi is a premium range of Japanese products made in an uncompromising traditional manner from the highest quality ingredients and methods. Since 1994 Sanchi has built relationships with growers, producer groups and processors to ensure all foods remain true to their Japanese origins whilst providing an ethical and sustainable message through quality ingredients. With no artificial colouring, flavouring, additives, sweeteners for refined sugar, Sanchi offers you the best in Japanese Cuisine. Japanese Cuisine has steadily grown in popularity in Europe, partly because we have become more adventurous in our cooking and eating habits, and partly because we have more access to overseas produce in general. Japanese Cuisine is widely recognised as being healthy and whilst many other healthy foods come and go, Japanese Cuisine has proved itself to be much more than a fad. Ingredients: Agar Agar (Gelidium) (100%). Nutritional Info per 100ml Energy 1307kJ/308kcal, Protein 2.3g, Carbohydrate 74.6g, Fat trace.

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