Hubner Hubner - Vital F Iron 500ml 1 x 500ml

Hubner Hubner - Vital F Iron 500ml 1 x 500ml
Iron Vital helps fulfill your daily requirement for Iron in easily absorbed Gluconate form. Are you frequently tired? Do you feel listless? Do you have pale skin? If so, the cause may be an unbalanced Iron supply. This trace element is primarily responsible for the production of red blood cells and vital for the transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. Without Iron, the cells and organs are not sufficiently supplied with oxygen, the accelerant for energy metabolism and vital energy. Iron Vital tastes delicious: Iron Vital is not only easy to digest, it also tastes incredibly good. The aroma is fruity and fresh, but not too sweet, and the iron doesn't linger heavily for hours in your mouth. Iron Vital is also excellent for pregnant women. Extras - Vital B Vitamins. Apart from easily absorbing bivalent iron, Iron Vital contains a whole range of active ingredients: health giving plant-based substances and other components, which are of vital importance in terms of nutritional physiology, in particular B-Vitamins.

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