Equazen Equazen - Eye Q Omega 3 & 6 360 capsule 1 x 360 capsule

Equazen Equazen - Eye Q Omega 3 & 6 360 capsule 1 x 360 capsule
EQUAZEN Eye Q 400mg 360 caps EQUAZEN eye q family is an easy and convenient way to get a balanced intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Only the EQUAZEN eye q range has the EQUABALANCE ratio to indicate how combinations of the most important essential fatty acids EPA, DHA & GLA are carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of life-stages from maternity to maturity. Eye Q is a combination of the highest-grade natural omega-3 and omega-6 oils for eye and brain function. Many who take Eye Q are youngsters,making it doubly imperative that only goodness goes into their systems.So the oils are in their most natural bio-available form, with no presence of chemicals or additives that may be used when oils have been industrially processed or concentrated. Some studies have also revealed that some children, teenagers and adults have a reduced ability to convert the fattyacids required for the eye and brain to perform efficiently. As a result, they may find everyday tasks daunting, and even demonstrate unruly or disruptive behaviour. So a supplement can sometimes be of value to ensure optimum fatty acid levels.

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