Alara Alara - Lucuma 200g 1 x 200g

Alara Alara - Lucuma 200g 1 x 200g
Alara-Lucuma (200g)Lucuma is native to the dry subtropical Andean coastal valleys. It is one of the Lost Crops of the Incas who honoured this fruit both as a food and spiritually. Lucuma is highly nutritious and has an addictive, delightful aroma. The use of the Lucuma began before the times of the Inca civilisation, demonstrated by the fact that representations of the fruit have been found amongst ceramics and textiles un-buried from Pre- Incan tombs in Peru. During the processing, the pulp of the Lucuma is dehydrated and pulverized in such a way that all the unique characteristics of the fruit are preserved in the Lucuma flour. In indigenous countries where lucuma grows, it is THE most popular ice-cream and desserts flavour and over-takes the demand for other popular flavours such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

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